I Should Use This More...

So I'd like to use this blog more, but I'm not sure how to use it so that it's entertaining, informative and/or useful to you guys.

What would you like to see?

1.  Lab stories (fictional, like our juice stories, for example)
2.  Vaping news/advocacy
3.  Weekly updates (sometimes this might be boring)
4.  Bloggish style posts about the vaping world
5.  All of the above (tag them so they can be catagorized)

If you have any other ideas or suggestions that I didn't post as an option, please feel free to add your ideas!



FEATURE -Everyday's- :)

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR FREEBIE CHOICES!  You must comment in your order only!  If you forget to, or can't find where to leave a comment, please email your choices to along with your order number.  Thank you! :)

So we've done away with Feature Fridays!  But in their place, we've made it so that you can get a free 30ml AND 10ml EVERYDAY!

There are some rules to this, and they are pretty strict in order to keep things organized and fair :)

1.  To qualify for your free 30ml bottle (and ability to recommend a flavor for your 10ml bottle) your order must be $30 or more before shipping and tax.  Any orders placed that do not meet this requirement will not be granted a free 30ml, but will still receive a 10ml sample of our choosing.

2.  You can only get ONE free 30ml per order, per week.  You can not get two 30ml bottles if you spend $60, or three if you spend $90 etc.  It's just one bottle per order, per week (Mon-Sun)

3.  Customers MUST comment on their order during checkout with the flavors you want as your freebies.  Any orders that do not have a comment asking for a free 30ml will not receive one in their order.  We honestly, and unfortunately, don't have time to track everyone down and find out the flavors they want, so it is the customer's responsibility to ask on their order :)  If you forgot to add your comment for your freebie, and we HAVE NOT processed your order yet, you can email us and request that we make a note on your order reflecting your choice.  This is fine with us, providing we have not processed it yet.

We will periodically run 'FLASH SALES' or 'FLASH DEALS' as well, which will be time sensitive and will be posted on our website, Twitter, Facebook page and Reddit.  Please like us or follow us on your social network of choice to keep an eye out for these, or keep a watch on the website.  We will also send out notifications through our newsletter program when they are happening, so please sign up to receive our mailings if you wish to find out that way.

We hope you like the new system, and thank you guys for all of your support!

Some Frequently Asked Questions!

Hello 'Evaperaters'!!  

I get several questions emailed to me every day, and some are quite common.  I'm just going to take a second and post the questions and the answers for you guys in hopes of making it easier for you to get a quicker answer to the common ones!

Q.  Do you ship to the USA?
A.  YES WE DO! :)  

Q.  Can I pay with a credit card?
A.  No, unfortunately you can't.  It's -very- difficult to secure a credit card gateway in Canada when you run an online vape shop.  It's not out of the question for the future, but for now we can't offer it.  If you are in the USA and need another payment option, please email vapelab@evaperated as we have a little work around for now until we can get something a bit easier for you all!

Q.  How do I pay with email money transfer?
A.  Email money transfer is very simple, and it is done through your online banking.  Most major banks in Canada now offer this, which is great!  I provide a link at checkout that runs you through how to do it.  Basically you will log in to your online banking, navigate to the part that is for payments/transfers.  You will want to go to 'send money' or something similar (it varies per bank) and you should see something about sending money via email.  You will have to add us as a new recipient before sending your payment, and that is where you will enter the following information:

Name:  Evaperated
Security Question:  Who do you love?
Security Answer:  mycustomers

Once you save that you have successfully added us as a recipient, and all future payments will be easier as all you will have to do is click your usual 'send money' (or however it's worded on your specific bank site) and then select us from the drop down list of saved recipients.  

Q.  When will my order ship?
A.  If you order on Monday-Thursday -before- 9pm PST your order will usually ship out the next day.  If you order on Friday at any time, it will ship out the following Monday.  We do have a 1-2 business day policy in case we get super duper busy and can't quite fill every order for the next business day, so don't be alarmed if you don't get tracking info the next day, you will on the following one for sure.

IF you don't get tracking info in your email by the THIRD business day after placing your order (remember the 9pm PST cut off though, as if you order past that it wont be processed until the next day with those orders and will be considered placed on the following day) please email us so that we can check in to things for you and let you know what is going on.

Q.  I sent payment, why didn't you accept it?
A.  A common spelling error to our business name is EVAPORATED, when it is in fact, EVAPERATED.  This being said, our email is and sometimes customers send their email money transfers to  If we haven't deposited your money transfer within 24 hours during week days, or by Sunday evening on a weekend, that might be what happened.  Please email us and let us know you sent payment and we'll be happy to assist you in finding out what happened.

Q.  Your shipping is SO expensive!  WHY?!
A.  Believe me, we understand Canada shipping rates, well... suck.  However we do our best to give you a deal and not charge you what we actually pay.  On average we pay about $3-$4 more than you do for each package/order we ship out.  We also offer free shipping after $100 to help offset more cost to our customers.  

Orders and Processing Policy for Evaperated

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to compile a little informative piece for how orders are handled and processed in our store.

Order Status and Cancellations:

After an order has been placed, if we don't receive payment, or can't accept a payment for any reason, the order will be cancelled after 48 hours.  It will not get deleted and purged for a week however, so if in that week time frame, a customer wants to pay for their order after all, or fixes whatever was causing us to not be able to deposit their payment, we will re-open the cancelled order and proceed.

If a customer wishes to make a payment, or fix the error that was causing us to not be able to deposit their transfer -after- their original order has been purged from the site, we will ask that they place a new order for the same amount, or cancel their original money transfer and start completely fresh.

Shipping Times:

Any order placed BEFORE 9pm on a weekday will be subject to be shipped the next day under most circumstances.  We do have a maximum of three business days post order for shipping (for orders placed before 9PM the previous day) unless I am slowed down for any reason, of which I will post on the website and on our Facebook as to the reasons why (as well as estimated time for 'business as usual').

If an order is placed AFTER 9pm on a business day, it will be placed in queue with the following day's orders to be shipped with them in our stated shipping times.

We had to 'install' a cut off time to make sure we were getting through orders in an orderly, and timely fashion as to not hold up everyone's orders from that day if we got in some late orders that had to be made as well.  So please, if it's important to you to get faster shipping, order before 9pm PST on a business day :)

As for weekends, we try to get all orders that were placed on Friday/Sat/Sun out on the following Tuesday (we are closed Mondays).

All of this being said, if you have not received shipping/tracking information on the 3rd business day following your order being placed and your notification from your bank that your payment has been deposited by us, don't hesitate to email us at and ask what the status of your order is.  We try to be completely up on things, but if this happens something might have went amiss and we will investigate it for you right away and fix any wrongs!


I will add to this as we go and update with anything else that we feel is good information for our customers to have.

Thank you all for being so wonderful and supportive!  We mega heart each and every one of you guys!

All the best,


Evaperated Liquids Have Landed In Stores!

Good news for those of you living on Vancouver Island, in Calgary or in Toronto!  Evaperated liquids are now being sold in Vapour Solutions locations on Vancouver Island, at Global Haze in Calgary and will be sold at The Vapeshore in Toronto once it opens this May!

The selection of flavors will be limited for now, but will grow over time.  However ALL locations will have our beloved Blue Sky, Bitch! as we can't leave you guys without it!

Be sure to pop in to these B&Ms and show them some love!

Weathering the Storm

We would like to thank EVERYONE that supported us through our recent nic shortage.  I realize it sucks having to wait for your juice, even if it was just one week.  It's a sign that we're doing better, and that's how I'm taking it, but I -hated- every second of not being able to fill an order on time.  I don't operate like that well!

Growing pains happen to any business, and I'm just thankful we've come to this point where keeping stock is getting harder and harder.  It's a wonderful business to be in because I have met so many wonderful people so far, and it hasn't even been a year.  I am so excited for things to come!

Hardware will be in this week, which is also amazing to me.  I wanted to open our business with some starter kits and a few pieces of hardware for new vapers, or people that just needed to grab a tank with their orders, but we started so very small... we saved up until we had enough to open our store, and we decided to focus all of that on the liquids.  Now here we are, finally bringing in the much awaited hardware!

All of this is thanks to you, our customers and friends, that have supported us along the way.  Those that, when we had just arrived on the scene, had enough faith and bravery to order our product with no reviews, no previous customer feedback at all.  You took the chance on us, and you left your feedback for future customers to enjoy and feel comforted by.  Every thing you have done for us has not gone unnoticed, believe me, and I'm a big sap so it's times like these where I just want to gush about how amazing you are!

As we move forward, we plan to widen our hardware inventory and we'd like to build it to be something that everyone will be happy with.  Please don't hesitate to email us, or comment here, on things you'd like to see us have in the future.  We would love to cater to all levels of vaper, from beginner to the big time hobbiest.  That will take time, but it's one of our goals!

So just thank you, for all the patience, the faith, the suggestions, the feedback and the never ending support you've all given.

Any business should feel privilidged to have customers like you guys <3

Vape Points? What's that all about?!

VAPE POINTS *tosses some around*

Vape points are a little way that we can give a bit back to our active community.  We had a system implemented on our site before when we were self hosting a Magento based shop, but unfortunately the points system we were using over there doesn't work (yet) with the new Shopify system.

We've moved all of the points you all collected from the other site to this one, so your point balances will all be the same, however how you spend your points is a bit different now.  

You should see a little clickable tab in the bottom right of your screen.  If you click "Our Evaperated Points" a little window will pop up explaining how the system works, and how you can redeem points.

You will earn 1 point for every dollar spent in our store.  It's a 1:1 ratio.


If you're used to our old system, here's the new differences:


One vape point now equals $1.  You may be used to the old 'one point = 0.20' that we had before, but we can't do that with this one. 

You can spend your points on coupons for money off of your orders, instead of the old slider system at checkout that we had before.  You can buy $5, $15 and $25 coupons with your points, and we will be implementing some more fun and interesting ways to spend your points sooner than later.  

This system will be even more fun when we eventually get hardware in.  I have some fun ideas!

So feel free to save them up and wait to see what comes in the future, or spend them when you can on discounts.  It's up to you!


We hope you like the new system everyone!  




Reviews are LOVE

Hello fellow vapers of the world!


We love to hear what you think of our products!  We have implemented a review system and anyone is free to leave a review of our products.  Don't worry, we don't delete them if they are negative, as we want honesty.  It's nice for future customers, or customers that haven't tried a flavor yet, to be able to read a wide variety of opinions on juice.

Juice flavors are so 'taste subjective', we all taste different things, we all like some things others hate.  That being said, the more reviews on one flavor the BETTER, so be sure to leave us your 'feels' on anything you order.

As a reward for taking the time to help us, and other customers, we reward you with 2 vape points per written review, and 4 vape points for any video review you do.

(To read more about how our points work, and what you can spend them on, please click this link)


We would like to thank all of those that have contributed to our 150+ reviews so far, and all of those that have taken the time to post a video review.  It's SO appreciated, and we mega heart you all!


Got questions?  Click the 'Contact Us' button at the bottom left corner and send them our way!




Coupons and Hardware

Just thought I would let everyone know that when we do have hardware on the site (should be this weekend!!) our 10% off coupons that are always available will not work for anything other than liquids.  

That being said, the coupons you can buy with your points will work with everything we sell on site!

We will have special sales or deals here and there in respect to hardware, and when we do it will be announced here on the Evaperated blog, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter.

Thanks everyone!


Welcome to the new (and VERY much improved!) Evaperated website!

We have migrated over to a much more secure and much more efficient ecommerce solution.  The previous website was hosted in such a way that was limiting to us as far as advancing in the future.  We plan to eventually bring in hardware for you guys, and with the platform we were using before, that would have been painful and probably resulted in a lot of website downtime.

We are now hosted with Shopify, and for ME, this is a blessing.  I can now add things, change things and progress the site in a much easier (and stress free!) way.  WOOO HOOO!

Now, we had to migrate customer accounts, products, and all of your purchase history over to here.  There SHOULDN'T be any issues, but if you see something that's not right, or your account is missing a previous order or your customer information is wrong, PLEASE send us an email at outlining the issues you're having.

We've done our best to ensure that it's as seemless as possible, but you know how things go...

This little blog section is GOLDEN to me as well, as ANYTHING new, changes made, product additions, news, updates (etc...) will be posted here and be very easy for you to find.

There will be a few other changes, and I will outline them all in this blog (as well as on our facebook, twitter etc) so that you are not left out in the dark.

Thank you for all of your support along the way everyone, we mega heart you all!

<3 Evaperated