Welcome to the new (and VERY much improved!) Evaperated website!

We have migrated over to a much more secure and much more efficient ecommerce solution.  The previous website was hosted in such a way that was limiting to us as far as advancing in the future.  We plan to eventually bring in hardware for you guys, and with the platform we were using before, that would have been painful and probably resulted in a lot of website downtime.

We are now hosted with Shopify, and for ME, this is a blessing.  I can now add things, change things and progress the site in a much easier (and stress free!) way.  WOOO HOOO!

Now, we had to migrate customer accounts, products, and all of your purchase history over to here.  There SHOULDN'T be any issues, but if you see something that's not right, or your account is missing a previous order or your customer information is wrong, PLEASE send us an email at outlining the issues you're having.

We've done our best to ensure that it's as seemless as possible, but you know how things go...

This little blog section is GOLDEN to me as well, as ANYTHING new, changes made, product additions, news, updates (etc...) will be posted here and be very easy for you to find.

There will be a few other changes, and I will outline them all in this blog (as well as on our facebook, twitter etc) so that you are not left out in the dark.

Thank you for all of your support along the way everyone, we mega heart you all!

<3 Evaperated

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