Weathering the Storm

Mar 24 2014 1 Comment Hardware Sappy Thank You

We would like to thank EVERYONE that supported us through our recent nic shortage.  I realize it sucks having to wait for your juice, even if it was just one week.  It's a sign that we're doing better, and that's how I'm taking it, but I -hated- every second of not being able to fill an order on time.  I don't operate like that well!

Growing pains happen to any business, and I'm just thankful we've come to this point where keeping stock is getting harder and harder.  It's a wonderful business to be in because I have met so many wonderful people so far, and it hasn't even been a year.  I am so excited for things to come!

Hardware will be in this week, which is also amazing to me.  I wanted to open our business with some starter kits and a few pieces of hardware for new vapers, or people that just needed to grab a tank with their orders, but we started so very small... we saved up until we had enough to open our store, and we decided to focus all of that on the liquids.  Now here we are, finally bringing in the much awaited hardware!

All of this is thanks to you, our customers and friends, that have supported us along the way.  Those that, when we had just arrived on the scene, had enough faith and bravery to order our product with no reviews, no previous customer feedback at all.  You took the chance on us, and you left your feedback for future customers to enjoy and feel comforted by.  Every thing you have done for us has not gone unnoticed, believe me, and I'm a big sap so it's times like these where I just want to gush about how amazing you are!

As we move forward, we plan to widen our hardware inventory and we'd like to build it to be something that everyone will be happy with.  Please don't hesitate to email us, or comment here, on things you'd like to see us have in the future.  We would love to cater to all levels of vaper, from beginner to the big time hobbiest.  That will take time, but it's one of our goals!

So just thank you, for all the patience, the faith, the suggestions, the feedback and the never ending support you've all given.

Any business should feel privilidged to have customers like you guys <3

  • You’ve worked very hard to get to where you’re at and I’m so very proud of you! And you’ve done a great job of it.

    Chris Snyder on

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