Evaperated Liquids Have Landed In Stores!

May 08 2014 2 Comments B&Ms Evaperated

Good news for those of you living on Vancouver Island, in Calgary or in Toronto!  Evaperated liquids are now being sold in Vapour Solutions locations on Vancouver Island, at Global Haze in Calgary and will be sold at The Vapeshore in Toronto once it opens this May!

The selection of flavors will be limited for now, but will grow over time.  However ALL locations will have our beloved Blue Sky, Bitch! as we can't leave you guys without it!

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  • Since i started working for Vapour Solutions in February,I can honestly say, your juice line is the one I push the most in the store when I am there for the vaping public to enjoy.The flavors you have are top notch and am always suggesting adding new flavors from your line… FIRST. From Alpha Blood to Zomberry, they are amazing

    Sean Wells on
  • I am so happy that I was introduced to your juice through Vapour Solutions!! Your products are top-notch; I just got my order today, but when I’m done trying them all, I’ll write reviews! I have got to say, at first glance/vape, I am so, so impressed. Although I look forward to the selection of your products available at VS growing (for that quick fix!), I will definitely continue to buy directly from your online store :D

    Wanda Boyer on

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