Orders and Processing Policy for Evaperated

Orders and Processing Policy for Evaperated

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Hey everyone!

I just wanted to compile a little informative piece for how orders are handled and processed in our store.

Order Status and Cancellations:

After an order has been placed, if we don't receive payment, or can't accept a payment for any reason, the order will be cancelled after 48 hours.  It will not get deleted and purged for a week however, so if in that week time frame, a customer wants to pay for their order after all, or fixes whatever was causing us to not be able to deposit their payment, we will re-open the cancelled order and proceed.

If a customer wishes to make a payment, or fix the error that was causing us to not be able to deposit their transfer -after- their original order has been purged from the site, we will ask that they place a new order for the same amount, or cancel their original money transfer and start completely fresh.

Shipping Times:

Any order placed BEFORE 9pm on a weekday will be subject to be shipped the next day under most circumstances.  We do have a maximum of three business days post order for shipping (for orders placed before 9PM the previous day) unless I am slowed down for any reason, of which I will post on the website and on our Facebook as to the reasons why (as well as estimated time for 'business as usual').

If an order is placed AFTER 9pm on a business day, it will be placed in queue with the following day's orders to be shipped with them in our stated shipping times.

We had to 'install' a cut off time to make sure we were getting through orders in an orderly, and timely fashion as to not hold up everyone's orders from that day if we got in some late orders that had to be made as well.  So please, if it's important to you to get faster shipping, order before 9pm PST on a business day :)

As for weekends, we try to get all orders that were placed on Friday/Sat/Sun out on the following Tuesday (we are closed Mondays).

All of this being said, if you have not received shipping/tracking information on the 3rd business day following your order being placed and your notification from your bank that your payment has been deposited by us, don't hesitate to email us at vapelab@evaperated.com and ask what the status of your order is.  We try to be completely up on things, but if this happens something might have went amiss and we will investigate it for you right away and fix any wrongs!


I will add to this as we go and update with anything else that we feel is good information for our customers to have.

Thank you all for being so wonderful and supportive!  We mega heart each and every one of you guys!

All the best,


  • Created an order can’t figure out how to pay you, any info would be a big help.

    David wood on

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