Some Frequently Asked Questions!

Hello 'Evaperaters'!!  

I get several questions emailed to me every day, and some are quite common.  I'm just going to take a second and post the questions and the answers for you guys in hopes of making it easier for you to get a quicker answer to the common ones!

Q.  Do you ship to the USA?
A.  YES WE DO! :)  

Q.  Can I pay with a credit card?
A.  No, unfortunately you can't.  It's -very- difficult to secure a credit card gateway in Canada when you run an online vape shop.  It's not out of the question for the future, but for now we can't offer it.  If you are in the USA and need another payment option, please email vapelab@evaperated as we have a little work around for now until we can get something a bit easier for you all!

Q.  How do I pay with email money transfer?
A.  Email money transfer is very simple, and it is done through your online banking.  Most major banks in Canada now offer this, which is great!  I provide a link at checkout that runs you through how to do it.  Basically you will log in to your online banking, navigate to the part that is for payments/transfers.  You will want to go to 'send money' or something similar (it varies per bank) and you should see something about sending money via email.  You will have to add us as a new recipient before sending your payment, and that is where you will enter the following information:

Name:  Evaperated
Security Question:  Who do you love?
Security Answer:  mycustomers

Once you save that you have successfully added us as a recipient, and all future payments will be easier as all you will have to do is click your usual 'send money' (or however it's worded on your specific bank site) and then select us from the drop down list of saved recipients.  

Q.  When will my order ship?
A.  If you order on Monday-Thursday -before- 9pm PST your order will usually ship out the next day.  If you order on Friday at any time, it will ship out the following Monday.  We do have a 1-2 business day policy in case we get super duper busy and can't quite fill every order for the next business day, so don't be alarmed if you don't get tracking info the next day, you will on the following one for sure.

IF you don't get tracking info in your email by the THIRD business day after placing your order (remember the 9pm PST cut off though, as if you order past that it wont be processed until the next day with those orders and will be considered placed on the following day) please email us so that we can check in to things for you and let you know what is going on.

Q.  I sent payment, why didn't you accept it?
A.  A common spelling error to our business name is EVAPORATED, when it is in fact, EVAPERATED.  This being said, our email is and sometimes customers send their email money transfers to  If we haven't deposited your money transfer within 24 hours during week days, or by Sunday evening on a weekend, that might be what happened.  Please email us and let us know you sent payment and we'll be happy to assist you in finding out what happened.

Q.  Your shipping is SO expensive!  WHY?!
A.  Believe me, we understand Canada shipping rates, well... suck.  However we do our best to give you a deal and not charge you what we actually pay.  On average we pay about $3-$4 more than you do for each package/order we ship out.  We also offer free shipping after $100 to help offset more cost to our customers.  

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  • Morgan - June 14, 2015

    Maybe I missed it but, what can you tell me about your liquid sources? Do you make them from local (canadian/usa) sources or are they sourced from elsewhere? Also, when are you going to provide a clove flavour? ;)
    PS. Please make a straight up clove flavour. :)

  • Karen - June 11, 2015

    What is the coupon code for the liquids? I can’t find it anywhere.

  • Chris - April 10, 2015

    Do you have an e-mail address we can reach you at? I’m having trouble with an order.


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