FEATURE -Everyday's- :)

FEATURE -Everyday's- :)

Mar 22 2015 29 Comments

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR FREEBIE CHOICES!  You must comment in your order only!  If you forget to, or can't find where to leave a comment, please email your choices to vapelab@evaperated.com along with your order number.  Thank you! :)

So we've done away with Feature Fridays!  But in their place, we've made it so that you can get a free 30ml AND 10ml EVERYDAY!

There are some rules to this, and they are pretty strict in order to keep things organized and fair :)

1.  To qualify for your free 30ml bottle (and ability to recommend a flavor for your 10ml bottle) your order must be $30 or more before shipping and tax.  Any orders placed that do not meet this requirement will not be granted a free 30ml, but will still receive a 10ml sample of our choosing.

2.  You can only get ONE free 30ml per order, per week.  You can not get two 30ml bottles if you spend $60, or three if you spend $90 etc.  It's just one bottle per order, per week (Mon-Sun)

3.  Customers MUST comment on their order during checkout with the flavors you want as your freebies.  Any orders that do not have a comment asking for a free 30ml will not receive one in their order.  We honestly, and unfortunately, don't have time to track everyone down and find out the flavors they want, so it is the customer's responsibility to ask on their order :)  If you forgot to add your comment for your freebie, and we HAVE NOT processed your order yet, you can email us and request that we make a note on your order reflecting your choice.  This is fine with us, providing we have not processed it yet.

We will periodically run 'FLASH SALES' or 'FLASH DEALS' as well, which will be time sensitive and will be posted on our website, Twitter, Facebook page and Reddit.  Please like us or follow us on your social network of choice to keep an eye out for these, or keep a watch on the website.  We will also send out notifications through our newsletter program when they are happening, so please sign up to receive our mailings if you wish to find out that way.

We hope you like the new system, and thank you guys for all of your support!


  • ive had zomberry befor was really good cant wait to try some of those other flavors really want to try that vanilla custard u have :)

    kevin ferneyhough on
  • I ordered frostys breath, mana biscuit, zomberry, tropicandy, blue sky Bitch, alphablood, nevermore and bluchie. I wish I had ordered 140 ml of all of them. The juices are unbelievably and the service fabulous too! About time to place a new order and try more juices. ❤️

    Crissi on
  • I’ve not been smoking since March 5th. But been enjoying the blue sky bitch with the vapor. Awesome.

    Edna on
  • Nevermore Juice is really really good !!!

    Stephen on
  • Awesome liquid

    Jean Sebastien Dupuis on

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