Canada Post Forcing People to Break Quarantine

Mar 23 2020 0 Comments

CP has stated they will not be knocking on doors to get signatures, and instead will be leaving notices for pickup, forcing people to break quarantine and go to a public location to get their packages.

It is completely insane to me that they are forcing businesses that legally require age verification to put their customers in harm's way when THEY are a vital service.
That being said, If you have placed an order with us already, we HAVE sent it to you with age verification through CP/Purolator, and if it was a successful delivery, that is age verification enough for us during this Pandemic. To me, you've been verified.  
However first orders I will have to send with age verification as you wouldn't have been verified yet through a previous delivery.  

If this is of concern to you, please email us and we can age verify you through email with a photo of your identification, and if the address matches the address on your order, and the name on your order, we will send it without a signature needed on the delivery end.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email us!  We will make sure we can get your liquids to you in a safe way that you are comfortable with!


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