Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Is Vaping Safer Than Smoking?

Feb 08 2019 0 Comments

Vaping.  Is it safer than smoking?

This is a question that is constantly being asked by vapers, non-vapers and current smokers. The answer is, yes. Yes, it is safer than smoking!

Now, in the past I would have been a bit leery to say that so blatantly. However, we now have scientific studies to back this claim up, as well as some Governments in the world agreeing as well, and even making their own statements claiming it is safer.

For example, in Canada, vaping has been undergoing changes in terms of how the industry works, how we present ourselves to the general public, how we conduct ourselves in our vape shops and online businesses, among other things.

A big part of those changes have come through Government regulation. Previous to the framework we have in place now, vaping was seen as dangerous, 'unknown' and something to be afraid of. At least that's how the Government portrayed us, and how the general public felt. But, through hard work in advocacy, and with the help of The Canadian Vaping Association as well as the ECTA, we have made huge progress with how the Government see us, and how Health Canada sees us overall.

There is still much work to be done here, and the progress will be on going, but recently Health Canada put up a page on vaping that opens with "Even though vaping is less harmful than smoking". Now, TRUE progress would be when the 'even though' is removed, BUT, they did say 'Vaping is less harmful than smoking'. I will take that as a huge win for the vaping industry, vapers that rely on having access to vaping hardware and Ejuice to keep them off of cigarettes, and for those unsure if vaping is safer and were on the fence about it.

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand how inhaling food grade certified flavoring, propylene glycol (used in inhalers, as well as pushed through hospital airways to help kill germs), vegetable glycerine (used in a lot of food products, beauty products, and even used for fog machines at concerts), and sometimes nicotine, would be safer than inhaling over 1000 deadly chemicals every time you light up a cigarette. Chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer, and other extremely dangerous health issues, as well as be fatal at higher doses.

The fact I can now say, 'YES! Vaping is safer than smoking!' and not fear repercussion for saying so feels really good. I hope, with more advocacy and public outreach, that we can stark making more claims for the benefits of switching to vaping if you are a current smoker. And believe me, when I can, I will be writing about it.

So for now folks, yell it with pride to all who ask, VAPING -IS- SAFER THAN SMOKING.


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