Price Cuts, Bottle Size Changes, Future Changes!

Price Cuts, Bottle Size Changes, Future Changes!

May 30 2018 1 Comment News


Gooood morning people!

200ml bottles have arrived! These will replace our 140ml bottles at A LOWER PRICE. As well, we will be getting 15mls in soon to replace our 10ml sizes. And in the not so distant future, we will offer a 120ml option as well.

We must change all of our bottles to make sure they are compliant with the new regulations.

ALSO, price cuts to ALL bottles/variety packs.

We are gearing up for the future with no promotions allowed. Once that comes in to effect (not before since we can still run specials right now), we will be adding a 30ml bottle to every variety pack that will replace our 'free 30ml' that we always give. Unfortunately we can't offer it to anything other than variety packs as it would have to be listed as free, and that will not be allowed.

So, because of this, we are lowering our prices, and offering you 200mls at a 140ml price (actually less!). We are continuing to work out ways to keep showing you appreciation as we move forward.

The price changes are as follows:

15ml (when available) - $6.95 down from $7.95
30ml - $13.95 down from $16.95
60ml - $25.95 down from $29.95
120ml (when available) - $35.95
200ml (replacing 140ml) - $53.95 down from $55


15ml Var. Pack (when available) - $30 down from $35
30ml Var. Pack - $40 down from $45
60ml Var. Pack - $70 down from $80
120ml Var. Pack (when available) - $100
200ml Var. Pack (replacing 140ml packs) - $140 (same price, bigger bottles)

We hope you will enjoy these changes, and again, we will be adjusting as we go along, and keeping you informed along the way. Some things might be trial and error, but hopefully not :)

  • I just registered as a member and I can’t wait for payday to order some of my favourite juices that I can no longer find on the usual site from which I order regularly. Crassberry is one of my all time favourite vape flavours. Evaperated is truly top tier
    E-liquid and I’m extatic to try some of your newer flavours that I have yet to vape.

    Jordan M. on

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