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Weathering the Storm

Mar 24 2014 1 Comment Hardware Sappy Thank You

We would like to thank EVERYONE that supported us through our recent nic shortage.  I realize it sucks having to wait for your juice, even if it was just one week.  It's a sign that we're doing better, and that's how I'm taking it, but I -hated- every second of not being able to fill an order on time.  I don't operate like that well!Growing pains happen to any business, and I'm just thankful we've come to this point where keeping stock is getting harder and harder.  It's a wonderful business to be in because I have met so many...

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Coupons and Hardware

Mar 17 2014 0 Comments Coupon Codes Hardware News Rewards

Just thought I would let everyone know that when we do have hardware on the site (should be this weekend!!) our 10% off coupons that are always available will not work for anything other than liquids.   That being said, the coupons you can buy with your points will work with everything we sell on site! We will have special sales or deals here and there in respect to hardware, and when we do it will be announced here on the Evaperated blog, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter. Thanks everyone!

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