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Price Cuts, Bottle Size Changes, Future Changes!

May 30 2018 1 Comment News

200ml bottles have arrived! These will replace our 140ml bottles at A LOWER PRICE. As well, we will be getting 15mls in soon to replace our 10ml sizes. And in the not so distant future, we will offer a 120ml option as well...

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Vape Points? What's that all about?!

Mar 18 2014 1 Comment Features News Rewards Updates Vape Points

VAPE POINTS *tosses some around* Vape points are a little way that we can give a bit back to our active community.  We had a system implemented on our site before when we were self hosting a Magento based shop, but unfortunately the points system we were using over there doesn't work (yet) with the new Shopify system. We've moved all of the points you all collected from the other site to this one, so your point balances will all be the same, however how you spend your points is a bit different now.  You should see a little clickable...

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Coupons and Hardware

Mar 17 2014 0 Comments Coupon Codes Hardware News Rewards

Just thought I would let everyone know that when we do have hardware on the site (should be this weekend!!) our 10% off coupons that are always available will not work for anything other than liquids.   That being said, the coupons you can buy with your points will work with everything we sell on site! We will have special sales or deals here and there in respect to hardware, and when we do it will be announced here on the Evaperated blog, on our Facebook page and on our Twitter. Thanks everyone!

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