January Special + New Flavors/Bottle Sizes!

Jan 26 2019 1 Comment

We have a few changes this January to ring in a new year!  We are going to make 2019 one of growth! 

We have had a very successful 5 years, but it's time to make the next five even bigger!  We are going to engage with our customers even more this year to make sure that we know what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong.

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New Special and Review Bonuses!

Aug 22 2018 0 Comments

The super popular special is back for a limited time!  Grab an extra bottle PER VARIETY PACK.  No limits!  If you order two variety packs, each will come with an extra bottle.  We are also giving 15% discounts for photo reviews (up from 5%) for a limited time!

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Evaperated Got a Glow Up!

Aug 04 2018 0 Comments

After SO MANY COUNTLESS HOURS, some cussing, some crying, some homicide and a serious overdose of caffeine, I have completed the new website layout for¬†Evaperated.comI did some customer outreach last week asking if people found my old site easy to navigate.¬† The feedback was pretty split, and enough people had a hard enough time that I decided to fix it for my customers so that being on our website was no longer painful. NEW FEATURES‚ÄĘ Hover descriptions on each section's products so you can see a brief description without having to actually click and enter the product's page.‚ÄĘ Quick View...

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