Price Cuts, Bottle Size Changes, Future Changes!

May 30 2018 1 Comment News

200ml bottles have arrived! These will replace our 140ml bottles at A LOWER PRICE. As well, we will be getting 15mls in soon to replace our 10ml sizes. And in the not so distant future, we will offer a 120ml option as well...

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I Should Use This More...

Feb 12 2017 3 Comments Feedback Questions

So I'd like to use this blog more, but I'm not sure how to use it so that it's entertaining, informative and/or useful to you guys.What would you like to see? 1.  Lab stories (fictional, like our juice stories, for example)2.  Vaping news/advocacy3.  Weekly updates (sometimes this might be boring)4.  Bloggish style posts about the vaping world5.  All of the above (tag them so they can be catagorized)If you have any other ideas or suggestions that I didn't post as an option, please feel free to add your ideas!Cheers,Sadie

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FEATURE -Everyday's- :)

Mar 22 2015 29 Comments

PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT HERE WITH YOUR FREEBIE CHOICES!  You must comment in your order only!  If you forget to, or can't find where to leave a comment, please email your choices to along with your order number.  Thank you! :) So we've done away with Feature Fridays!  But in their place, we've made it so that you can get a free 30ml AND 10ml EVERYDAY!There are some rules to this, and they are pretty strict in order to keep things organized and fair :) 1.  To qualify for your free 30ml bottle (and ability to recommend a flavor...

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