Achocolypse Now

Creamy and smooth e-liquid with chocolately fudge banana notes. E Liquid, E Juice, E-Liquid, E-Juice, Canadian E Juice, Canadian E Liquid, Vaping...Read more

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FLAVOR PROFILE:  Creamy and smooth chocolately fudge with banana notes.

What happens when your lab techs are working away late in to the night, trying to come up with new and innovative things, and they get to discussing chocolate? Well, if you combine apocalypse inducing lab creations with chocolate, you get ACHOCOLYPSE! That's what they named this new vial of delicious smelling bad news anyways. I swear I'm not sure why I pay them what I do, or why I feed them chocolate. Maybe I should stop before this silliness gets out of hand. We are a highly top secret laboratory that is supposed to be working on creating the most deadly viruses known to man, and of course, making a cure for each one we create... and here are my lab techs, creating things that smell like chocolate and calling them ridiculous names.

Anyways, if you like chocolate fudge, bananas and sweet thick baked goodness, this is probably something you might wish to let us test on you.... I mean try! Of course, try! Not test, silly me. Why would I say that?! Anyways, the smell of this alone will give you cavities and make you gain 50 pounds per sniff.