Salty Evaperated

Canadian Salt Nic Eliquid

You wanted Nic Salt versions of our eliquid and we are bringing it to you!  We offer a variety of strengths, right down to 3mg SALT.  Yes, 3mg salt.  A lot of our customers wanted to still subohm but use salt nic to do it, so we are making that possible!

CAUTION:  Salt nicotine enters your blood stream very quickly.  It is fairly new to our industry, so we caution everyone that vapes with salt nic to take it in stride and see how it effects you.  Do NOT subohm salt nic at higher strengths!  We don't recommend subohming anything above 3mg, and would prefer if you didn't at all. 

Based on opinion and from reading experiences of others (NOT science) there is also a better chance to develop nicotine dependency using salt nics, especially at higher strengths.  Be aware of this as a possibility.

Salt nic is best used in pod style devices, and is not meant for chain vaping.  We STILL urge you to use our freebase nicotine options for heavy vaping, or subohm devices.
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