About Us

Here at Evaperated we believe in quality of service and quality of product.  We have been vaping for a long time and have had experiences with many vendors in Canada.  We know, as a customer, what we loved and disliked about each vendor, and we came to have a very good understanding of what we expected out of any supplier.

That being said, we also know what we've never seen in a vendor, at least not for electronic cigarette products, and we wished to change that.  Everyone loves the extra mile, so we are going to be implementing things as time goes on that make shopping on our site more fun, and give our customers something new and unique to look forward to.

We love interacting with people, and we are so very excited to be ABLE to do fun things for all of you, and put smiles on your faces.  So, the more we grow, the more we will offer in return.

That's a promise.

Being a valued customer is important to anyone, whether you have ordered once, or multiple times from any given company.  We do, genuinely, value each and every customer we have.  It is very important to us moving forward that we build relationships with our customers and provide them with the best customer service possible, and to provide quality juices and products.

Evaperated was started because we truly believe in electronic cigarettes as an alternative to smoking.  We wanted to do our part to bring awareness to this, and more importantly, to be there to provide customers another option where they can come and get juices.

If you don't see a flavor that you want on our site, or if you just have a flavor you wish we made to complement other juices you already love, please let us know.  If we get enough requests for a particular flavor we will make it.

Any questions, comments or suggestions can be sent to us through through the contact tab, we love feedback!


We use USP grade PG (propylene glycol) and USP grade VG (vegetable glycerin) in all of our liquids.

Evaperated does not claim that e- cigarettes are a smoking cessation product.  We do not claim that vaping will help you to quit smoking.  We support vaping electronic cigarettes to be a recreational activity and an alternative to smoking.  By purchasing from Evaperated you are agreeing that you are 18 years old or above.

Thank you for visiting us,


Email:  Vapelab@evaperated.com