Q.  Are your bottles made with a leaching plastic?

A.  Absolutely not! When it comes to a consumer product that might be sitting in that bottle for extended periods of time, it is very wise to make sure that bottle is made of safe plastic! We wouldn't want to use a leaching plastic in our own juices, so we extend that to you as well. Rest assured, our bottles are safe!

We use PET bottles, which are safe from chemical leaching, and are made of recycled prodcuts. This is good for your health, and for the enviornment! If you wish to learn even more about PET plastics, please visit THIS LINK!


Q.  Do you ship to the USA?

A.  We do ship to the USA, however, you take responsibility for anything that happens to your order at the border.  Generally, shipments tend to go through fine, but there is a discrepency with shipping products containing nicotine across the border.  That risk means that you, the customer, are willing to take that risk when you order from us.  If something happens with your order at the border, please contact us at vapelab@evaperated.com and we will try to work something out with you.


Q.  How long do I have to wait for my order to be shipped?

A.  Please allow up to 3 business days (excluding Mondays as we are closed) for your order to be processed and then shipped. Generally we will ship within a 24 hour period of time, but busy days happen, and we don't want to quote a 24 hour time frame and then not be able to meet that promise!


Q.  I don't understand your 'The Lab' section.

A.  The Lab is where most of the new flavours that come on to the Evaperated store will go. It's sort of a prooving ground for a new juice. If customers purchase it and the overall vote is that it is a great ejuice, we will move it in to a permanent catagory and make it have an unlimited suppy.

Also, sometimes we will do a theme, which will show up in the TOP SECRET area of The Lab. A theme will have five juice flavours, all new, and all sticking to a theme. Themes could be for holidays, special events, milestones for our store, or just spur of the moment fun themes for our customers to enjoy. Themes will be sold only in bundles and may or may not be a special and limited edition. They will sometimes have different bottles and labels.

If themed juices are super popular, we will eventually split them up and make them purchasable through main sections of the site, and of course, they will be able to be purchased seperately.

We feel this is a fun way to allow customers to have a bit of fun with our store, and sometimes be able to snag some limited edition swag!

All themed bundles (when sold as bundles in TOP SECRET will come with a little present as our thanks to you for being so awesome)


Q.  I have an allergy to nuts, are your juices safe for me?

A.  While we can suggest you order juices that do not contain flavourings that have a nut base, we still can't guarantee that you will not have an allergic reaction to our juice. We can not verify that any particular flavouring has not come in to contact with a nut product at the place of manufacture, therefore we can not extend a certainty to you of no reaction.

That being said, if you are at all worried please email us at vapelab@evaperated.com and let us know your allergy and the juice you are interested in and we will let you know if there are any nut flavourings in that juice. Sometimes you can't tell to taste it, so at least we can inform you if we have used, say, a walnut flavouring (for example)


Q.  I have an allergy to PG, will you custom make a juice for me?

A.  Most people are totally fine with our mixes as they are 70% PG and 30% VG. However, if you are super sensitive to PG and really do need a juice with much less PG, or none at all, please email us at vapelab@evaperated.com and we will try and help you out.


Q.  Is there an expiry on my e-juice?

A.  An average lifespan of a mixed e-juice is approximately one year.  We have the date your juice was made, and the date it will expire on every bottle.  Most people never hit the expiry date, especially if they love the juice!


Q.  Why don't you accept credit cards or Paypal?

A.  We would love to offer our customers an option to pay for their purchase with a credit card, but unfortunately the way that things are in Canada right now, those in charge of what credit cards are used for in this Country are not allowing credit cards for purchases of electronic cigarette products.

We -could- set it up and try it, but we are a very above board business and wish to do business within the law, and in an honest way. That being said, until the credit card companies and Paypal understand that electronic cigarettes are a viable alternative to smoking and allow us to use them for our sales, we will only be able to offer email money transfers.

We will be setting up a money order option soon. And if things change with paypal and the credit card companies you guys will be the first to know.

Please email us at vapelab@evaperated.com if none of these work for you and we will see if we can find a way to help you.


Q.  Why don't you guarantee I will love my juice?

A.  Taste is so very subjective to each indivudal person that there is no way we could promise that you will love a juice that you order for the first time. I may absolutely LOVE a flavour, yet you will hate it. Or you will love it and I will think it is just so-so. We are very confident we have quality juice, but again, each juice is going to taste different to each person, and so all we can do is HOPE you love it!

To get a better idea overall, be sure to read the juice reviews before you make your purchase. If there are no reviews yet, you could pioneer for future customers and take the plunge and then review it on our site once you get it! (you get a 5% discount for reviewing a juice you ordered!)


Q.  Why don't you have a phone number listed?

A.  We don't provide a telephone number because we prefer email contact.  This ensures that we have a solid and written history of service with each customer, and if a problem ever occurs, or if we simply need to reference a previous experience with you, we can easily do so!  Taking notes over the telephone is not impossible, but it loses context and detail, both of which are very important to us!