Wholesale Referral Program

We, at Evaperated, really love interaction with our customers.  And we LOVE to reward you for your recommendations.  What better way to combine that love with a beneficial program to both you and our business, as well as fellow vape shops in the industry than to have a reward system in place for YOU helping us start a business relationship with someone in the industry.

How this works, what the rewards are and the rules behind it all can be discovered by reading on!

*** PLEASE NOTE:  This is a beta program.  We are testing the waters with it.  Should it not work out for whatever reason, we will remove it, but let you know so that you are not out there advocating for us when the program is no longer open. ***


• If your recommendation of our brand to a shop leads to them contacting us and placing an order of $1000 or greater, YOU will be rewarded with a year of free liquid or hardware.  This will be broken down in to a monthly sum of $100 to spend in our store for a full year.  This offer DOES stack, meaning if your recommendation to two, or three shops leads to them placing an order for $1000 or greater, your monthly amount will double or triple accordingly.

• For the SHOP that places an order of $1000 or greater, their first order will receive an additional 10% off, on top of our first order bonus of free bottles.



    In order for us to properly manage this, and make sure it is not being taken advantage of, as well as having the correct people get credit, a few things must happen in order for you to claim your reward, as well as the shop you've sent our way.

    The best way to go about this is to MAKE SURE that you give the shop owner your name and email address, and explain to them that if they do contact us to be sure to tell US who sent them.  We will make note of this, and upon completion of their first order, we will contact you via email to set you up with your rewards.  This is why it is CRUCIAL to give them your information and explain that they, too, will get 10% off of their first order by quoting who sent them, and providing us with your name and email.

    If the shop would like samples first, that is absolutely fine with us!  We will send them a nice selection of some of our best sellers.  They can email us to request some samples, but do make sure that in that email they mention who you are, as if they do end up placing an order after the samples are sent and received, we want you to get your credit!

    Please give the shop owner our wholesale website address, our email and our contact names so that they can look us up, or contact us, to get a feel for our brand as part of their informed decision making process.

    • Our wholesale website is:  EVAPERATEDWHOLESALE.COM
    • Our wholesale email is:  ORDERS@EVAPERATED.COM
    • Our contact names are:  Sadie and Bryden

    PLEASE DO NOT HARASS SHOPS!  We understand you want your local shops to carry our brand, but if they simply don't wish to, please respect their wishes.  A simple conversation with a shop owner, explaining why you'd like our brand sold in their store, and providing your information should they wish to resell our product in a polite fashion is enough.  We do not wish for anyone to pester shops, or go 'hard salesman' on them.  Polite and respectful is key, and we demand nothing more and nothing less when it comes to our brand and how we are represented.  

    Please don't go in day after day asking them to carry us, for example.  Chances are you making a point to have a conversation with them (politely of course) the one time will be good enough :)

    If we get feedback that shops are feeling pestered, we will have to close this program down.


    If a vape company has more than one location, your reward will not stack per location!  The reward is for one business, if they have one location, or three, it is the same reward for you and for them.

    Also, the reward should rightfully go to the person that convinced the shop to place an order with us.  We have a lot of loyal customers out there that willingly, with no reward, have mentioned us to their local shops.  We can't (UNFORTUNATELY) give this reward system to everyone that does that.  So the person that was the deciding factor will be the one to receive it.  Again, this is why it is so important to explain to the shop owner that they need to give us your name AND email when they contact us, so that we can give you your reward and give them their discount.


    In other words, the name and email they provide to us when they contact us will be who gets the reward.  Obviously we will not be present in the locations, or to oversee and overhear the conversations.  Who they feel was the deciding factor will be the name they will give us, and that will be the person we reward.

    *** Again, this is a beta program.  We will revisit it's effectiveness, how YOU are all feeling about it, and review feedback periodically.  If it's going well and everyone is enjoying it, shops included, we will continue.  And again, we will absolutely publicize it's removal should it be ceased to prevent you from doing ground work with no reward available ***