Chuckin' Canucks Tubes


$50.00 CAD 

Made in Canada!  

7x5" strands of wire.  Each tube contains enough for three sets of coils.  Also comes with an extra in case you mess up.

Various wire for your various vaping needs!  

  • Triple Twisted 28g
  • Claptons 26g/34g
  • Fused 2x26/34g
  • Flat Bastard

PLEASE NOTE:  This wire is not for beginner vapers.  Before you purchase, make sure you have ohms law knowledge, as well as battery/mod safety knowledge.  Use of an ohms law calculator for any and all builds is highly recommended.  Neither Evaperated or Chuckin' Canucks holds any responsibility or liability for misuse of any sort of these products, or any damage to your mods, RBAs, RDAs, possessions of any kind,or personal injury caused from the misuse of these products or your own lack of understanding of them.