Cloud '69'


$7.95 CAD 

FLAVOR PROFILE:  This is a passion fruit flavor that is slightly tangy on the exhale, semi-sweet and creamy. A lot of people say it tastes like starburst to them, others just say it's a candy style flavor that reminds them of 'childhood'.
Oh... oh my.

I can't believe this has happened!  Our weather control machine has gone on the FRITZ!  It is spewing clouds in to the air faster than we can even begin to try and fix the problem!  All we wanted was a slight haze, a bit of an overcast sky, so that we could conduct an outdoors experiment without the risk of a sunburn, and NOW THIS!!!

That's not even the worst part.  Oh dear... the worst part is that these clouds are... um... rather amorous.  They are pairing up with each other and uh.. things are happening.  Basically to put it lightly, the clouds are making more clouds.  It's a chain reaction of CLOUDS!  

I fear that the entire world is going to be over taken with these EXTREMELY loving clouds.  They are starting to rain, and anyone that the rain touches becomes rather fancy themselves.  I have FIVE techs that are starting to make 'the eyes' at each other!!  

And what's worse is they are starting to drink the rain!  They are frantically running around outside like mad lunatics with buckets collecting all of this rain!  Apparently it tastes of 'sweet nectar from the gods' and 'summery love'.  EW!

THIS IS NOT GOOD!  I would rather have ZOMBIES!  I can deal with zombies!  I can NOT deal with this much affection and romance.  ROMANCE IS NOT PRODUCTIVE!!!

I must run back to the lab and try and make a fix for this before the world becomes DISGUSTINGLY sappy and lovey dovey.  BLECH!  IT IS A NIGHTMARE!

But I suppose this sounds fun to you guys.  I SUPPOSE you want to feel amorous yourselves!  GROSS.  But whatever, I'll tell you what the rain... err, 'juice' tastes like.

In a nutshell, semi-sweet and creamy, somewhat tangy, passionfruit and other fruity things blended in an... I hate to say it... orgy of deliciousness.  I can't believe I just said that.

Enjoy!  BUT NOT TOO MUCH! *stomps foot*