Potion of Scholars (formerly 'Omega')


$7.95 CAD 

FLAVOR PROFILE:  A candy infused lemonade with hints of cotton candy in the background to keep it fluffy and magical.  It’s semi-sweet, yet tart, and has a complexity that keeps your mouth happy all day long.


Sometimes beings are not born with 'smarts', as they say. Everyone has strengths in certain areas, sure, but brains aren’t always one of them for some.

In the lab we insist that our techs are not only smart, but brilliant. In order to do the kinds of experiments we must perform on a daily basis, the mind must be sharp, logical, cunning and quick. One tech in particular HAD all of these things. A series of very unfortunate… substance circumstances… led him down the path mindlessness. Once one of our best had become our worst, sitting in the far corners of the lab counting how many fingers he had and then laughing to himself.

It was a problem. He was the head of research for the creature department. Without his attention to crittery detail, our future meddling in to the supernatural world of mythical beings would be bleak and pointless.

We brought the witches to the lab for this, and many other, reasons. But this was on our top priority list. We needed to make this tech smart again. Science wasn’t able to do it. The more science we threw at him in the form of vials, serums, compounds and anything else we could come up with, the less grey matter he seemed to possess. Only magic could save him, and our creature department.

The first day the witches were here we put them to work on this. It took them a few weeks, but when they returned to our science department, they held a glowing beacon of hope in their hands.

‘A Potion of Scholars’ is what read on the bottle. The witches informed me that one sip of this potion would restore his genius mind, as well as give him a higher level of brilliance than he had before.

Of course… there would be extra of this potion left. And of course… a little spiked coffee hand delivered to my techs in the morning following wouldn’t hurt. Would it?