Potion of Lunacy (formerly 'BETA')


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FLAVOR PROFILE:  This isn't PIE.  This is the baked apple and pear GOO in the FILLING of a pie.  Notes of apples, pear and caramel come through and change, almost magically.

A potion of lunacy? What does that entail one might ask. Well, we witches in the coven work under supervision most of the time. Our boss doesn't yet trust us not to explode her precious laboratory, so she often has Pickles the flea ridden PEST of a werewolf sitting in our quarters watching us very closely.

With the constant supervision, we find it slightly aggrivating and very hard to do any of our OWN experimenting. We have many rituals to attend to, and many things to learn as you never stop expanding your abilities in our world. 'The boss' doesn't enjoy the fact that we require the freedom for these things, so we must be secretive and coy as we go about our dealings.

My second in command, Grizelda, came to me with an idea to create a potion to put in the werewolf's water bowl. She said that if we turned him temporarily mad he would disturb the science lab for several hours, taking their attention away from us, and put it all on containing him.

Being that it is a magical brew, there is nothing their science can do to stop it. It has to wear off the werewolf (that was intentionally punny) on it's own. This 3-4 hour bout of pure lunacy in Pickles would allow us to get some much needed witch business done.

I'm sure in time they will come to us to commission a potion to counter this, as we are so well behaved they would never think it was us that did this to him in the first place. At that point, I'm certain we will have a counter potion that creates another problem to keep them busy for a while.

Now that we have created this, my mind is filling up with ideas of how else it can be used. It COULD be dangerous, but we put a 'counter violence' spell in it so that it's more of a hysteria effect than a violent one. But things take different to each being. Perhaps some extra experimenting needs to be done with others in the laboratory...

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