Potion of Time


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FLAVOR PROFILE:  If you love fuzzy peach candies, but want something even better and more tantalizing in your mouth, this potion will be there for you giving your magical notes of deliciousness for all… time.  See what we did there?

Once upon a time...

Okay, okay, that was a a bit too much for a beginning to a story about a potion of time, right?  Ehhhhh, let's go with it. 

Once upon a time, there was a coven of witches tucked away deep within an old forest.  They toiled over their caldron, night after night, as they aged and aged.  They would stare in to each other’s faces, sorrowful at the lines that were appearing around their eyes, their mouths.  Their skin becoming loosened and grey.  Their hair, wispy and thin, losing pigmentation and turning to a color similar to the silvery ash left after paper burns. Decades went by as the witches perfected their spells, dedicated to their craft and determined to carry on and perfect that which their ancestors had started.  The ultimate goal was uncertain, but what was certain is that eventually their library of spells would rival that of the underworld, and perhaps surpass it.

The problem with this, and with many things in life, is that age catches up to everyone.  The witches were becoming physically weak, the toll of their past was catching up to them and they could feel the end lurking just out of reach.  They knew they had to do something to stop it... reverse it.  And so they began working on a Potion of Time.  A potion so powerful they could control time itself, turning back the clock, making it move forward, or even pausing it entirely.

It took the witches almost seven years to create the potion.  Very little sleep, very little of anything else but working tirelessly over their cauldron and working with their ritual items and tomes from their library.  By the end, they were almost in the grave, but Grizelda, Hilda and Tilandra succeeded, and the Potion of Time was realized.

Sipping deeply of the elixir, each taking their turn, one by one the lines on their faces faded away to reveal smooth skin.  Their hair lengthening, regaining its natural color and becoming silky and soft.  Youth was coming back, they could feel it in their bones, their muscles, their minds and within minutes, they were young again.

Word spread through tight channels about this potion.  Far away, a lab armed with a werewolf and several other creatures, both hideous and beautiful, contacted the witches by a ragged raven (that said 'NEVERMORE' way too much!) clutching a note.  The note was offering a safe haven for their coven.  A place where they could live out their immortal lives for the small favor of creating magical potions for the laboratory when science failed.

The witches, armed with their Potion of Time, made haste to accept the offer as they were far too exposed in their forest now that their powers were known to those both good, and evil.

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