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FLAVOR PROFILE:  This is dark and creamy strawberry. Very smooth and rich in flavor. To some it resembles the strawberry campino candies, to others it is less candy and more real strawberry. Either side of the spectrum really enjoy this flavor, so whatever you take from it should be pleasant!



WE ARE REFORMATTING THIS FLAVOR.  Until the reformatting process has been accomplished, this flavor will be unavailable.

What... what's THIS?! The lab technicians left this vial of... something on my desk today. It is very clear but darker toned, almost like it's tainted with evil. I'm not sure I trust those technicians lately, they have been working a lot and fiddling with this and that, creating viruses and HOPEFULLY cures. However this is labelled 'ZOMBERRY'... it definitely smells like a berry, a rather deep and creamy strawberry to be exact, but the 'ZOM' part has me worried.

Sounds too close to 'ZOMBIE' for me... however you might be willing to try it out and see for yourself if you are brave. It doesn't say what it is, if it's a virus, or some sort of anti-serum. Could be a cure for zombies, who knows. Could be that it isn't zombie related at all, or you know, could be that it will give you an insatiable desire for flesh.

I take no responsibility for any symptoms that may make you suddenly crave brains or faces, start to drag your feet, moan, or any other such thing that resembles something from a Walking Dead marathon.

.... I might test this myself, the smell is quite tantalizing ... very... tempting... if you don't hear from me again, you know what happened.

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